January 24, 2015

No 1 Sales Tip for Reps – Close More Deals

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No 1 sales tip for reps – Close more deals face to face.

There is certainly an art to selling and a truly honed sales representative can often be years in the making. But most, if not all will be dipping into the same bag of tricks as those newer to the industry, so fear not if this is first time territory for you.

Opinions on best approaches and styles can and do vary wildly. Meaning debate on the best tactics will often go on until the small hours in hotel and airport bars frequented by the travelling sales elite throughout the length and breadth of this country or indeed any other.

The Theory of the Close

What is clear though is that in order to complete a sale, to gain agreement from a potential customer that they wish to do business with you and buy what is being sold, the salesperson needs to ask for the deal. This may seem ridiculously obvious but it is a key first point in the art of sales and so often overlooked. As with any conversation, whether it is a verbal one or a written one, there are a hundred and one ways to accomplish this goal. So don’t imagine that the simple, direct or blunt question of “So, do you want one Sir/Madam?” is the only way to deliver this oh so important question.

You’d likely be genuinely surprised how many sales people fall at this first and most vital hurdle. If you don’t, won’t or in some cases, can’t, get yourself to ask the customer to buy, then if you are still taking orders it will possibly be because of sheer good fortune. Or maybe they feel sorry for you, yes that’s right, the good old pity purchase. Or it could be that you have gone the extra mile for them in some way and they feel obliged to buy. It may even be as simple as they just like you more than another salesperson that frequents their business touting for trade. One thing however is for certain and that is: IF YOU MASTER THE ART OF ASKING FOR THE DEAL, YOUR SALES WILL INCREASE.

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Sounds too easy, right? Too basic a part of the criteria to be overlooked you’d think. But often the directness of actually asking for the deal at the end of the pitch makes people feel uncomfortable and therefore it’s only natural that we might swerve what makes us feel this way.

The salesperson’s lingo for this is… The Close! The final piece in the puzzle, the art of walking someone along who has demonstrated an interest in your wares and taking them to the point where they actually get their metaphorical money out of their pockets and commit to a purchase.

If you are face to face you need to at some point ask for the business. If you are talking to them over the phone you need to ask for their business. Or maybe what you have written can be conducting the sales pitch for you without you ever being present with the potential customer. This could be via printed sales literature or as is increasingly common via the internet, but the same truth applies, what you have written needs to eventually ask for the business.

So there you go, that’s the No 1 sales tip. Even if you take things no further than that, review your past sales conversations, revisit previously written sales gumph and ask yourself honestly… Did you ask for the deal?

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