January 24, 2015

Want To Know The Smarter Way To Open Doors?

bi folding doors

Want To Know The Smarter Way To Open Doors?

Bi-folding doors have increased in popularity in recent times, largely due to the offering of something that our more conventional doors don’t provide, flexibility.

When is a door not a door? When it is also a partition could be one answer. Many sports clubs, function and conference rooms, hotels, offices, warehouses and storage areas have taken hugely to the concept of being able to adjust the space they have according to their changing uses. With the flexibility to change back or to alternate set ups as the need arises. Increasingly they are also used where space is at a premium. In places such as laundry rooms, cupboards and closets, on trains and buses, even in toilets and cubicle stalls, once your attention is drawn to their existence you will certainly start to notice their occurrence more and more.

Their simple design allows for customization to suit almost any situation and whilst most will be operated using a top and bottom ‘tracking’ system of runners. Increasingly, an available option is to have bottom tracks that can be easily disconnected when not in use to offer further flexible stow-away options. Or even to allow for their movement from one set of bottom tracks to another that may be at right angles across a room’s floor, providing increased versatility.

The options are endless

Like their more traditional cousins, the regular door, bi-folding doors can be made out of pretty much any material these days. And you will regularly see them having uPVC frames when their job is to separate internal environments from external ones. Furthermore, the body of each door can be solid, or glass or a mixture of the two. Thus providing the opportunity to get rid of an entire wall when the weather is kinder, allowing people to take advantage of pleasant conditions outside, but affording good protection from the elements when conditions change. With the further benefit that from a design point of view the look of this can often be quite striking.

bifolding patio doors

Solely internal use will often see the material of choice for construction be made from aluminium frames, because inside temperatures have generally already been stabilized so heat loss and transference through the metal is not such an issue. Plus aluminium is incredibly lightweight making the doors more manageable when the time comes to change the positioning.

Ensure reputable installation

Current building regulations are something worth considering before committing to your next installation of bi-folding doors. These regulations change quite regularly and do need to be adhered to in order not to have them cause you problems later on down the line. Selecting a reputable and experienced installer is another key to a happy future with bi-folders. Never be afraid to ask for references and it is always worth two minutes to follow up on them as the cost of having shoddy installations put right can be a bitter pill to swallow. Likewise try and secure a decent ‘insurance backed’ guarantee before committing to what can sometimes be expensive outlays.

And with the ever increasing costs involved in heating premises the option to make large areas smaller at key times or in periods when the whole area is not being utilized can dramatically reduce the heat loads on any building. With the additional plus point of your being able to compartmentalize one large room or space down to many smaller ones as per current requirements, meaning you could indeed turn a door into a jar!

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